Our original Resie Cases all come with our standard items: RESIN paper, Key, Paper Clips, Gummy bears, Coins.


If you want the same design as the stock photo just skip this part, No need to fill out all 5 boxes

You can add up to 5 customisations from the list of our available items。

Airpods(1,2,3, Pro) model,bank notes, bottle caps(alcholic/no alcoholic), dried flowers(random), pill packet, candom, love hearts, gummy bears, paper clips, hair clip, bobby pin, cigarette butt, key rings, press on nails, keys, royal mail stamp, can tabs(silver) sim card, gum, body piercing bars(belly bar), resin knife (BACK IN STOCK* limited amount), butterflies, juicy fruit gum, resin sweets(random), star sign(mention yours)

If you have any idea of customize, please contact us with no hesitate.

No worries the customisation reslut, we will keep in touch to make sure the finial custom case meet your requirement.


Each case is unique, and no case is alike. Therefore, each case will not look exactly like the product images displayed. Please note, all items are coated in resin, but may not be fully casted.

Typical dispatch is 7-21 days from purchase. (Depends on when you order and when re-stock)

Materials: PC plastic, TPU plastic, Epoxy Resin (non-toxic, non-hazardous, odourless, no solvents and no VOCs).

We DO NOT accept customisation requests or changes to customisations after purchase via email or social media platforms. Please note, that we always leave room for creative freedom to craft each exclusive and unique item.

Be Sure to order the correct model for your Phone